An efficient process for a successful rent or acquisition in Monaco.

A property search in Monaco with Z REAL Invest or Zodiaque Viager takes place as follows :

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Formalisation of your needs, desires and preferences

We can only "house-hunt" for you if we truly understand your needs, your desires, your preferences, your lifestyle, and so on, the details of which will remain completely confidential. Through attentive listening, we will be able to establish your personalised search criteria, which will also make it possible to specify the search areas (district/neighbourhood).
We have developed a proprietary model of Monaco's real estate prices, which allows us to quickly evaluate the price of a property based on a set of characteristics (neighbourhood, views, standard/reputation of the building, terraces, surface area, etc.), as well as adjust the search according to your budget.


The Search

After validation of your personalised search criteria, we will identify potentially compatible properties in our databases, online, with all local estate agents and in private circles. The quality of our relational network with key players in the Monegasque real estate market will allow us to gather relevant and reliable information. We will provide you with complete visibility during this stage so that you can help guide and refine the search. At the end of this stage, a shortlist of 3 to 10 properties for you to view will be proposed.


Viewings of selected properties

During a trip to Monaco, with us by your side, you will attend viewings of the selected properties, as well as any other elements that may be key to your decision (environment, schools, council, etc.). You will decide whether to make an offer on one of the properties.


Negotiations for the best agreement

We will assist you in the negotiation process, preparing your offer, pitching it to the seller or their agent and leading the negotiations - alone or with you - until an agreement can be reached.


Legal formalities

We will assist you in the preparation of the sales agreement and the exchange of contracts, signed in front of a solicitor, as well as in the various provisions that you will have to take as the owner of a property in Monaco (administrative formalities, search for service providers to carry out the management and maintenance of the property, etc.).